November 13, 2006

Dear Friends,

Tonight we lost the race - but I never lost heart, never my hope, never my determination – because of all of you.

I have been overwhelmed and honoured and touched by the support and help and strength of so many people.

That includes people I admire so much, who serve our neighbourhoods so well – Olivia Chow, Rosario Marchese, Joe Pantalone, Martin Silva and David Miller – it has been an honour to work with them, and to be part of that amazing line of progressive downtown activists – from Don Heap and Dan Leckie to Jack Layton and Olivia Chow.

What moves me most is that the support was not for me – but for what we want to achieve, for want we want for our neighbourhoods, for what we want for our city, and for what we want for each other.

I wish our new Councillor, Adam Vaughan well – with all sincerity.

This election has been amazing – because so many people all over this ward have spoken up and taken action to help determine the future of Toronto.

And the great thing is that even though this was a tough race – and the opposition prevailed – we can come together in this ward because we share many of the same viewpoints.

We are united – throughout this ward – regardless of the candidate of choice. We are united in our desire for a green city, a diverse and livable city, a vibrant and dynamic downtown.

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who made calls, knocked on doors, and handed out leaflets. Thanks to my campaign team who worked so hard every day for many months. Finally, thanks to all of you in the community who offered me your support.

Thank you,

Helen Kennedy