A Letter from Helen

Dear friends,

For the past seven years, I have had the SECOND best job in Toronto, as your Constituency Assistant for Ward 20 Trinity Spadina navigating the bureaucracy at City Hall, cutting red tape and working with Olivia Chow to get results uniquely designed to suit our diverse communities. Now, I am running for the BEST job your City Councillor.

Together in this ward, we have been making a difference – making our City a better place to live, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, street by street, doorstep by doorstep. We have achieved major victories, like stopping the ROM Tower in its tracks. But we have also delivered on the small stuff – the little things that can add up and have a large impact on our lives – like building a couple of basketball courts, to putting in a traffic light, stopping neighbourhood disturbances, squeezing in a bit more park space, protecting trees... That's how to build a healthy city – always keeping an eye on the big picture, while paying attention to each tiny detail.

Against the odds, in the face of change, growth and government cutbacks, we have achieved vibrant and dynamic neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto, with empowered and engaged citizens. There is so much more to do every day. As you look ahead to the future, consider what we have achieved together in YOUR neighbourhood. And consider how much more we can achieve, with my experience and energy and your engagement day by day, doorstep by doorstep.

Helen Kennedy