News for August

Helen Protests against Porter's Media Landing into Island Airport

August 30, 2006

Harbour master and cheif of security could not stop Helen from speaking out against Island Airport and Porter Air.

"They don't want any public involvement at all in today's announcement, but the reality is that the public is opposed to this expansion. We will do whatever it takes to close down the port authority, give it back to the City of Toronto and turn the island airport into a park."

"It's one of the central issues ... it's not just a downtown issue. It's about how federal governments are treating people in the city."

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Freeze Island Airport Pending Tassť Review Completion, says Helen Kennedy

August 24, 2006

The delay in completion of Roger Tassé's Review of the Toronto Port Authority must not be seen as a green light for commercial flights at the Toronto Island Airport, says City Council Candidate Helen Kennedy.

Kennedy has called on the Minister of Transport to place a moratorium on Island Airport expansion and on the commencement of service from the Island pending completion of the Review. While his report was originally scheduled for release in September, Mr. Tassť has now asked the Minister for an extension until October. "It would be a travesty of the review process if the Toronto Port Authority were to use this delay as an excuse to start flying," says Kennedy. "That of course has been the approach of the Toronto Port Authority through its disgraceful tenure - an attitude of 'stop us if you can', regardless of the widespread opposition by residents and businesses at the waterfront - not to mention the City of Toronto."

Kennedy has helped maintain close scrutiny on the TPA, and has raised key concerns about the impact of the proposed service on Toronto's waterfront, the environment and the security and safety of downtown Toronto.

Kennedy, who worked at Toronto City Hall for the past seven years as constituency affairs assistant for Ward 20 where the Airport is located, has been actively involved with the City of Toronto's opposition to Airport expansion, and has worked extensively with concerned residents and with business associations at the waterfront.

"If the Minister is serious about the review, then he must ensure that the TPA – a federal agency – show respect for the process. Otherwise, the burden on Canadian taxpayers will grow, and the blight on Toronto's waterfront will continue."