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Helen Kennedy Launches Campaign for Olivia Chow's Council Seat

March 17th, 2006

Helen Kennedy, a former City Councillor in East York, and a key member of Olivia Chow's successful team at City Hall, has launched her campaign to succeed Olivia as City Councillor for Ward 20/Trinity-Spadina.

"For the past seven years I have had the remarkable experience of working with Olivia Chow to get things done in this ward. I am very proud of what we achieved together - what we have helped residents and business owners achieve, by focusing on constituency issues and community activism," says Kennedy. "I have always been guided by a vision of a vibrant community that achieves the dynamic balance of being a great place to live as well as a great place to do business. We have made real strides in downtown Toronto, and I am committed to building on this legacy."

Helen has led the way in challenging developers and ensuring community input on behalf of residents - her successful leadership in helping to stop the ROM Tower and the Tip Top Tailor Tower are two recent examples.

"Our ward is a community of neighbourhoods - and each neighbourhood, and every person who lives in them, must be respected and encouraged to participate in the decisions that are crucial to the future of our city," says Helen. "That is how I operate. That is who I am." Olivia Chow, now the MP for Trinity-Spadina, has enthusiastically endorsed Helen's candidacy.

"Thanks to Helen Kennedy's outstanding work with constituents and community groups, I was able to take on many roles in City Council," says Olivia. "Together, our team achieved an amazing amount of groundbreaking work. Helen knows her way around City Hall - and our Ward - better than anybody. I have watched up close for seven years and I have seen how effective she is at getting results for the community. It will be a great help to me as MP if Helen is our City Councillor. City Council needs a strong, effective and experienced councillor for our ward. Helen Kennedy is my choice." Helen's candidacy also has broad support from local residents who have seen her effectiveness first hand. Here's how Kensington Market, writer, broadcaster and Governor General's Award Winner David Gilmour sums up his experience with Helen:

"You want a dream candidate? I know one. Helen Kennedy is someone from City Hall who actually gets things done, brings people together and cuts through the red tape. I've seen her in action. We had a big problem in Kensington Market and she fixed it. No delays, no passing the buck, nothing. It just got done, and my street - and the streets around it - are a better place to live as a result. I support her wholeheartedly in her candidacy for City Councillor - we need to keep her on our side at City Hall!"

Read Helen's letter to Ward 20:

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