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Helen wins NDP endorsement

May 23, 2006

On May 23rd 2006, at the NDP nomination meeting which took place at Trinity-St. Paul's United Church, more than 600 people cast ballots for their choice to represent progressive voters of Ward 20 Trinity Spadina at City Hall. Supporters from both campaigns showed their vigor and enthusiasm for their candidates in this vital council race, in a stunning display of grass-roots democracy at its finest.

Their choice was Helen Kennedy. It was breathtaking and completely unprecedented for so many people to come out and take a direct role in a municipal nomination. "In this ward and in our neighbourhoods, we have such a rich diversity of cultures and colours, ages and incomes, backgrounds and interests. And we have such a diverse streetscape, with buildings that are large and small, old and new - we have streets that are bustling -- thriving, vibrant. Brilliant and constantly changing - but the grand mosaic is always at risk of being shattered.

"It is not magic - and yet, when we work together, the results can be so magical - the little triumphs we can achieve, street corner by street corner, rooftop by rooftop, doorstep by doorstep - day by day.

Read Helen Kennedy's Nomination Speech & Thank You Remarks :

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