News for November

Helen Endorsed by NOW and XTRA Magazines

NOW Magazine, November 9, 2006

Another unfathomable schlemozzle. What was Adam Vaughan thinking when he leapt in to scoop up the fruit of years of community-building in the area by the NDP's Dan Heap, Jack Layton, Olivia Chow and the sadly departed Dan Leckie? Sure, the platform of the former Citytv reporter is delightfully full of creative solutions: car-free zones, mixed housing, green spaces, TTC investment. And, yes, he'd be an asset on council, dissing thoughtless and unaffordable over-development. But NDP candidate Helen Kennedy, former Olivia Chow assistant, has the same program, more experience and an org of strong NDPers around her to make sure she doesn't fly off one day and recommend gating laneways. Find the telly reporter another ward for the next round; meanwhile, mark it up for Kennedy.

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XTRA Magazine, October 26, 2006

Our desire to have an openly lesbian member on council is, on its own, not enough reason to vote for Kennedy. Fortunately, Kennedy’s seven years of experience as assistant to former Ward 20 Councillor Olivia Chow, combined with her personable style, rounds out her credentials. Rival Adam Vaughan’s celebrity will tempt many voters, but we believe Vaughan is more style than substance.

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