News for October

Helen Given Top Marks for Support of Public Space

October 2006

“Our public spaces, our visual spaces, are undergoing a change. The city is growing, and commercial interest is applying new pressures. The nature and direction of this change is our responsibility to determine, as it will impact our present communities and future generations.”

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Helen Speaks Out Against Island Airport Ferry Service

October 11, 2006

Invest in parks and tourism not private airport operations, says Helen Kennedy Toronto, Ward 20 (Trinity-Spadina) - Council Candidate Helen Kennedy said today that the Toronto Port Authority has once again overstepped itself and wasted taxpayer money on a new ferry and ferry facilities for unwanted Toronto Island airport operation.

"We need new ferries for Toronto Island – but as part of an investment in parks and tourism, not to support private commercial airline interests," said Kennedy.

"Toronto and our tourism industry would be much better served by this investment for the million people who visit Centre Island each year." said Kennedy. "This is yet another good reason to return the money wasting Port Authority over to the people of Toronto. This ferry should be put to good work taking Torontonians and tourists to our magnificent islands, not as a heavily subsidized service for a commercial air operation and airport expansion."

This latest move to expand the Island airport comes only weeks before the long-anticipated Tassé review of the Toronto Port Authority's activities is set to be released. On August 24th Kennedy called for a moratorium on flights until the report is made public.

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