Supporters by Issue

  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Labour
  3. Activism
  4. Equality
  5. Students
  6. Arts and Culture
  7. Women
  8. Partisanship

"Political organizing is an expensive hobby of mine. I choose where to spend my time and energy very carefully. I have no reservation for my support for Helen. She has earned my utmost respect in our years of working together. Helen has never ceased to amaze me with her passion about and commitment to important issues in and outside of Ward 20. Above all, Helen is a person of honesty and integrity. She is a person who I trust implicitly to fight for my rights in city hall and in every other situation. She will not bow under adverse pressure, nor will she sway when the political winds blow the other way. This is why I choose Helen Kennedy. Seeing her elected as City Councillor is a hobby well-deserving of my time and efforts."
- Mais Lee, Chinese Team/Canvass organizer for the 2006 Olivia Chow Federal Campaign

Helen Kennedy Stands Up For Affordable Housing

"We need Helen Kennedy at city hall. She knows how to get things done and she is committed to our community. When it comes to practical and effective action on housing and homelessness, Helen - working with former councilor Olivia Chow - got the job done. She has the best record of any councilor. That's why I'm backing Helen Kennedy."
- Michael Shapcott, long-time housing and homelessness expert

Helen Kennedy Stands Up For Workers

"I trust Helen Kennedy to stand up for workers in Ontario. She has the history and experience in the labour movement to ensure that Toronto remains a strong union city. Her unwavering support for the "Made in Canada" campaign makes me proud to support Helen."
- Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario

Helen Kennedy - A Committed Activist

"Helen has many years of experience at City Hall which is an important asset for any candidate. But more important to me is experience she has outside City Hall. Many Councillors and city staffers spend all their time in the office and lose touch with the ward. But Helen can always be found in the community; at local meetings, political gatherings or small cultural events. Helen knows City Hall as well as the city itself. She'd make a great councillor for Ward 20."
- Dave Meslin, Municipal Activist and Founder of the Toronto Public Space Committee

"It is long overdue that we have a strong voice for the LGBT community on City Council. I have full confidence that Helen will fight to defend my rights as a queer person of colour."
- Tony Kao, Communications Director, Ontario New Democratic Youth

"You know what I like about Helen? She is committed to promoting social causes like the Anti-War Movement. She has my full support."
- Alex Lisman, producer of "Let Them Stay: Voices of U.S. War Resisters in Canada"

"Helen Kennedy has a rare talent in working with residents and developers to create balanced developments from which all can benefit. She is needed at City Hall -- she absolutely embodies the kind of integrity, ethics and accountablity that all politicians should have."
- Lin Wong, M.E.S. (Planning) and community volunteer

Helen Kennedy Will Work For Equality

"I believe Helen Kennedy will make an outstanding City Councillor. I have seen her work tirelessly on a huge range of issue. She listens to people's concerns and responds quickly, effectively and with compassion. She recently worked with other activists to secure ongoing funding for the LGBT Parenting Network. Her understanding of the concerns of queer communities is embedded in an understanding of the diversity that makes up Toronto, a deep commitment to social justice and a belief that social change is possible. I would be thrilled to see her having a voice as a City Councillor."
- Rachel Epstein, LGBT Parenting Network

"I believe Helen Kennedy has the vision to take this city in a direction that celebrates diversity, embraces the enviroment, respects the space we live in and truly creates a community out of all the mosaic of communities we are so fortunate enough to call our own. Her commitment to each and every citizen and the issues at hand demonstrates that she is here to use her skills and years of history with the City of Toronto to make us love our surroundings, respect our leaders and have faith in ourselves to stand out as the most multicultural cities in this global village."
- Natasha Garda, Former Co-Chair of Pride Toronto

Helen Kennedy Stands Up For Students

"Students need someone who will be a strong, articulate voice for us at City Hall. Helen Kennedy's support for reducing tuition fees and her leadership on lowering transit fares makes her the best choice for Ward 20 Councillor."
- Ken Marciniec, former president of Ryerson Students' Union

Helen Kennedy Stands Up For Arts And Culture

"Given the vast number of arts companies in her ward, including many of the major cultural organizations - ROM, AGO, Opera and the Film Festival Centre - we need Helen who has an unsurpassed track record in supporting the arts and education."
- Allison Bain, mother of three and lover of the arts

"I want to endorse Helen Kennedy for City Council because I know that from her extremely practical experience she knows the ropes at the grassroots level of community and at the bureaucratic level of city politics. She is an ardent supporter of the Arts and that is important to me as a local artist. I hope she is elected as I have confidence in her abilities and her passion for justice and the social wellbeing of everyone in this city of ours".
- Elizabeth Shepherd, actor

Women Support Helen Kennedy

"Residents of Ward 20 are very fortunate to have a candidate of Helen Kennedy's capacity standing for election as City Councillor. Her proven commitment to maintaining sound residential neighborhoods, her level of knowledge and experience of the City's multifaceted functioning, of the interplay of residents and their elected and appointed counterparts is rarely found in a new candidate for City Council. She will give exceptional service to the Ward and beyond. This is a very important time in Toronto's history. At long last the Province has granted new and substantial powers to the City, powers that must be used wisely and constructively. More than ever, Council needs members who consider first and foremost the wellbeing of ordinary Torontonians, people who live and work here and for whom Toronto is home, rather than a tourist attraction or an investment opportunity. This consideration alone would make Helen the clear choice. I am convinced that Helen has the experience, integrity and sophistication to withstand the inevitable pressures of special interests and steadfastly advance the common good with clarity and verve."
- Ursula Franklin, C.C., FRSC, Senior Fellow, Massey College

"We have far too few women on Toronto City Council and Olivia Chow's voice is sadly missed. Fortunately, Helen Kennedy is in the wings - a strong woman with an effective voice. That's what we need."
- Doris Anderson, Order of Canada, President of the Ontario Press Council, Past Editor of Chatelaine, Head of Status of Women Commission, President of Fair Vote Canada

"I support Helen because I know she does the real work, the deep detail work, the tireless community work that matters."
- Joy Kogawa, Order of Canada, author of Obasan, Founder of Toronto Dollar, Peace Advocate

"Living in the heart of Toronto makes us realize how important it is to have effective representation at City Hall -- to help keep the city vibrant and livable. Helen Kennedy has done a tremendous amount on behalf of our downtown neighbourhoods and we would be very fortunate to have her as our City Councillor."
- Maya Mavjee, Executive Vice President, Random House of Canada; Publisher, Doubleday Canada Publishing Group

"I support Helen Kennedy because she is a grassroots kinda gal with the ability to both see the big picture and attend to the details. It's important to me that she is a lesbian - feminist because it means that she defines community broadly. Her politics are inclusive - nobody moves forward unless everybody moves forward. I want her to be on City Council so that we don't lose the momentum she and Olivia have established. This is a tremendous opportunity to build on the foundation of connecting and empowering marginalized communities."
- Deb Parent, Community Activist

Helen Kennedy Cuts Through Partisansihp and Politics To Get Things Done

"There's something about Helen Kennedy, a woman of conscience, conviction, ability and rare good humour. Strongly progressive, she has the courage to be herself, and the skill to get things done to cut through the red tape at City Hall and get results. Like organizing the successful opposition to the ROM tower, or more prosaic achievements like resolving neighbourhood disputes or ensuring noise bylaws are enforced. No concern is beneath her, and no issue is ignored. Helen has guts, brains, energy and plenty of great ideas. As well, the Irish humour without the blarney. She has won my respect and my support."
- Nancy Ruth, Conservative Senator

"Helen Kennedy has an impressive grasp of what it takes to create sustainable communities. I wish her every success!"
- Elizabeth May, Order of Canada, Federal Leader Green Party of Canada

"Thanks to Helen Kennedy's outstanding work with constituents and community groups, I was able to take on many roles in City Council. Together, our team achieved an amazing amount of groundbreaking work. Helen knows her way around City Hall - and our ward - better than anybody. I have watched up close for seven years and I have seen how effective she is at getting results for the community. It will be a great help to me as MP if Helen is our City Councillor. City Council needs a strong, effective and experienced Councillor for our ward. Helen Kennedy is my choice."
- Olivia Chow, MP

"Helen Kennedy has a remarkable and refreshing ability to reach out to people on all sides of the question - and all political camps - to build trust, develop consensus and achieve realistic and responsible solutions. That's what we need at City Hall and on City Council. Helen will be a leader on Council, who will help bring different sides together to move Toronto forward."
- Milton Chan, Vice-President, Young Liberals of Canada

"I and my community worked with Helen Kennedy for years. She was the catalyst for getting a strong local community residents association. We were able to have significant clean up of the ally ways and removal of graffiti and garbage. She also helped us with setting up the Grange Park Ice Rink and was great in having a skating party. She's always there and has boundless energy. She really was the driving force to get things done. She knows City Hall. She also helped with making sure McCaul St was cleaned up and she kept the AGO expansion civil with all the unrest and politicking."
- John Burns, President, Trinity-Spadina Green Party

"Although I am a liberal and not a supporter of the NDP, or for that matter, partisan city politics, I am a huge supporter of Helen Kennedy! She is a tireless grassroots worker who has an acute analytical mind and a great problem solver. She is compassionate and truly engaged with the public around a multitude of issues. She worked with our group, The Wildwomen, when we did a fundraiser by driving a car from Argentina to Toronto to raise awareness and funds for the December 6th Fund which loans abused women funds to start on a new path. She took a leadership role in ensuring that the City of Toronto was a strong and proud sponsor. After long days at her office job she puts in long evenings with our project to make certain that we had everything we needed to succeed. I unequivocally stand behind this fine, strong and not bad-looking woman in her quest to continue to serve the residents of Ward 20."
- Adrienne Rosen, President and CEO, First International Courier Systems Inc., President, First Clinical Biologistics Canada