Supporters by Neighbourhood

  1. Seaton Village
  2. The Annex
  3. Harbord Village
  4. Huron-Sussex
  5. Kensington
  6. The Grange
  7. Entertainment District
  8. Harbourfront

"Thanks to Helen Kennedy's outstanding work with constituents and community groups, I was able to take on many roles in City Council. Together, our team achieved an amazing amount of groundbreaking work. Helen knows her way around City Hall - and our ward - better than anybody. I have watched up close for seven years and I have seen how effective she is at getting results for the community. It will be a great help to me as MP if Helen is our City Councillor. City Council needs a strong, effective and experienced Councillor for our ward. Helen Kennedy is my choice."
- Olivia Chow, MP

"Helen has been working for the constituents of Ward 20 side by side with Olivia Chow for the past 7 years. She knows the issues, she knows the Residents, she knows the Associations. Helen has the electability factor that comes with being so close to the issues. It is as close as one can get to being the incumbent for election purposes."
- Martin Silva, Interim City Councillor for Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina

Seaton Village

"I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Helen Kennedy. She is a person with lengthy and impressive experience at both the political level (as a municipal councillor) and the administrative/political level (as constituency assistant to Olivia Chow). In the latter position, she has demonstrated thorough knowledge of the administrative and political aspects of the City of Toronto. I can also testify to her diligence and effectiveness in matters affecting neighbourhoods with her work on behalf of the residents of Seaton village where she has always responded quickly and with effect on many issues. I admire her progressive position generally as well as her respect for and commitment to a participatory local government. In short, she is an outstanding candidate."
- Meyer Brownstone, long-time NDP member, adviser on local government to the UN, Follis Ave

"I am very happy to endorse Helen Kennedy as the best choice for City Councillor in Ward 20. Helen has years of experience in municipal politics both as a councillor in the old city structure, East York, and her last role in working for Olivia Chow. Olivia Chow, in recognition of this, is endorsing Helen as her choice for the riding. Helen has an excellent grasp of the issues at the broader policy level as well as being extremely effective in solving local issues. Which one of us has not dealt with Helen over some issue in the last number of years, only to have her efficiently and effectively bring it to a solution? Helen was instrumental in helping to bring all the players to the table around the issue of the crack house in our neighbourhood. She worked tirelessly to help us with a very difficult, very sensitive issue. She brought in all the people that needed to be involved from the city and the police. I know she will be a tireless representative for us in our ward and in city council. I cannot think of a better person to represent us at city hall."
- Diana Moeser, Follis Ave.

"Helen Kennedy has a unique range of experience, background and detailed knowledge of political decision making processes at the municipal level in the city of Toronto, as well as at the provincial level. This will be invaluable in enabling her to best represent us on Toronto Council (2006-2009). Helen is the kind of articulate, dedicated, politically responsive, consensus builder who will best represent the interests of Seaton Village and our entire Ward 20 in Mayor Miller's City Council after the election in 2006."
- Avrum Regenstreif, PhD, retired architect and urban planner, Palmerston Ave.

"Helen has been phenomenally successful. We'd go on neighbourhood walks and point out problems - the next day they'd be fixed! Without her we never would have got rid of a crack house. She helped us liaise with the police. She organized safety meetings and ensured that the key people who could help us would be there and were informed. She's really great with communication. If there was a standstill between community members and police she would make suggestions for other avenues thru which we could accomplish what we needed to get done for the community - it was amazing. Nothing would have happened if it wasn't for her."
- Barbara Disman, Follis Ave.

"Helen has always been our go-to person. She knows everybody in the ward, and at City Hall, and knows how it all works. Any problem we have, big or small, Helen knows how to get it resolved. She has the RELEVANT experience. Helen already knows who to call for every situation - that's what makes her the best choice to be our next City Councillor."
- Peggy Karfilis and David Lee, Palmerston Ave.

"Helen has always been very honest, hardworking, and compassionate in helping the community. She has gone out to many events - she's been there with a genuine raw compassion for the community."
- Lydia Mason, Yarmouth Gdns.

"Helen is someone we can all trust to represent our best interests in this diverse and developing city."
- Francisco Alvarez, Markham St

The Annex

"Helen has a cool head in heated circumstances and is a straight shooter who gets to the point and makes sure the right things happen. Added to that, she has boundless energy and a wicked sense of humour. (She even makes dealing with City Hall feel like fun.)"
- Sandra Shaul, long-time Annex resident and community activist, Kendal Ave.

"Helen Kennedy has been totally energetic, thoughtful, and responsive to the neighbourhood and community issues that are important to me, and has my respect and support."
- Paul Martel, Admiral Road

"Helen Kennedy has been an absolutely invaluable component in our campaign for better planning and development in the Annex. She will make a terrific councillor!"
- Mimi Fullerton, Prince Arthur Ave.

"I am endorsing Helen Kennedy because she is simply the best qualified person to carry on the long tradition of progressive, effective and community-based political representation in Trinity-Spadina. Helen is incredibly responsive to constituents, cares deeply about Toronto and our neighbourhoods, and has proven herself time and again in a wide variety of roles and situations. She brings a perspective as a lesbian and an activist that will make City Hall more responsive to marginalized communities."
- Anna Willats, Community Activist, Co-founder of Policing Reform Group, Spadina Rd.

"I've taken the time, and made the effort to get to know my candidates in Trinity-Spadina Ward 20: I give Helen Kennedy my undivided support. Helen has proven her sincere desire to help empower communities, something I've come to realize thanks to her participation in an ongoing project to ensure public spaces meet the needs of their varied users. It's been a pleasure to work with Helen on this project, and I look forward to see her join and act upon many more community led projects."
- Nima Maleki, Bloor St. West

"Helen's long-term, hands-on experience in the affairs of Ward 20 make her an ideal person to carry on in Olivia's place."
- Lorna Erwin, Albany Ave.

"I met Helen during the federal elections when I was working on Olivia Chow's campaign. I was impressed by her dedication and commitment to coming in every night, after spending her whole day at city hall. In fact, I was so impressed by her knowledge, passion, and true caring for the people in our community that I am now volunteering for her campaign. As a woman, a student, an artist, and a resident in Ward 20; I can't imagine anyone else I would like to represent me in City Hall."
- Erin Jacobson, Bathurst St.

"Helen Kennedy is always upbeat and positive. She's a dedicated community member who thrives on serving the residents and strives to find solutions. Helen inspires, involves and empowers people. Quietly efficient, she focuses on issues and seeks consensus, not the spotlight. Meetings chaired by Helen are well run, on task and productive. Dependable, available, real – Helen's actions match her convictions. Helen impresses me beyond words. She supports community initiatives with work, not just words. I remember a chilly, rainy Saturday morning she and Olivia spent working with our group at Ecology Park, digging and preparing planting boxes. Not a photo-op, but real commitment. With the many challenges facing us, we need Helen at City Hall! Her knowledge of the issues and especially of the development projects in our ward are unparalleled."
- Elizabeth Whelan, Annex Resident since 1973, Walmer Rd.

Harbord Village

"We have lived in the neighbourhood for more than a decade. Our special '911' has been Helen Kennedy's number, and she came to the rescue every time. She was the backbone of the excellent constituency services provided by Olivia Chow's council office, and we are confident that if she herself were Councillor we could count on the same smooth and efficient relationship with city agencies. Helen is not just good at nuts and bolts: She has a profound grasp of the most important city issues, based on considerable insight about how the city works and how it impacts its citizens - especially the underprivileged. Her commitment to social equity and to human rights is deep, but without neglecting the interests of the ordinary citizen who is just trying to 'get along'. She is also profoundly committed to the environment, and to the city policy that protects it. We believe she would be an excellent councillor."
- David and Kathy Wurfel, long-time NDP members, Brunwick Ave.

"I have worked with Helen Kennedy on many neighbourhood concerns over the last 5 years and I can say without qualification that Helen has been responsive, cheerful, wise, smart as hell, and with the most amazing understanding of the big issues that confront our neighbourhood and also the City... I am glad to recommend her to you as an ideal candidate to send as our councillor to City Hall."
- Rory Gus Sinclair, Harbord Village Neighbourhood Activist, Major St.

"Helen Kennedy is a doer. She knows the intricacies of Trinity-Spadina. I have watched our streets become greener thanks to the Kennedy magic. Her commitment to the diversity of this riding is inspiring because it is based on the day-to-day lives and concerns of one of the most eclectic populations in all of Canada and not simply an academic checklist. I have lived in the ward for over seven years and there is no question that as a city councillor Helen Kennedy would be a perfect 10 for Ward 20. She also looks fierce on a motorcycle."
- Mitchel Raphael, College St.

"I've worked with Helen on issues as big as Varsity stadium and as small as the garbage at the foot of Robert St. She is a miracle. She knows who to call, what to say, where to push, where to fade. She knows City Hall."
- Sue Dexter, Willcocks St.

"My wife and I recently set about reconstructing a burnt-out attic in our house and came face to face with the numerous procedures required by the City to get a building permit. This can be a testing experience. But one uplifting feature has been coming to know Helen Kennedy and seeing her at work. She has been assiduous in pressing our application through City Hall. She has always known who needs to be contacted, she has called back with reports on progress, and in short she has demonstrated her complete familiarity with the City's operations. As assistant to the Councillor, Olivia Chow, she has been helping residents for years, just as she has helped us. There could be no better acquisition for our area than Helen Kennedy as City Councillor."
- Dr. Alan Thomas, Willcocks St.

"As one of the homeowners whose house was destroyed by fire last summer, I found Helen to be enormously supportive. We were very concerned that rigorous efforts would not be taken to save the historic facades of these century-homes; Helen rallied around and ensured that members of Heritage Conservation and City Planning attended hastily-called on site meetings to discuss saving the house fronts. And we were successful! Another example of how Helen works to make the neighbourhood a better place and supports the residents."
- Sarah Hastie, owner of one of the most seriously damaged houses in the Robert Street fire

"As a student in Councillor Chow's office, I shadowed Helen's meetings and sought her advice for the resolution of many constituent issues. I support Helen because she has the strength and conviction I admire, and because I know that her extensive knowledge about the ward is deeply rooted in experience working for the ward and its people. I have always appreciated her genuine effort to engage and involve students in the office, providing them with real opportunities for learning."
- Jennie Lee, Brunswick Ave.

"As an area representative for the Harbord Village Resident's Association for the past several years, I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Helen as Olivia Chow's constituency assistant. Countless times, I and others in the neighbourhood have called upon Helen to assist us, and she has been very responsive. She hasn't always been able to help us. Some times she - and we have hit the brick wall known as the MLS whilst trying to get various bylaws enforced. But most often, her assistance was instrumental in solving the problems that we faced. She has attended a great many of our community meetings. My favourite recollection? Three years ago at our Association's big Spring meeting, she sat in on several of the area caucus meetings, where groups of neighbours discussed local problems. She took notes of the 4-5 problems that my neighbours identified. The following week, she was forwarding to me emails from City staff who were responding to her requests. In one case, a City employee confirmed that he had power-washed the grease off the sidewalk in front of the pizza parlours on Spadina at Harbord. Another confirmed that his work crew had removed a build-up of garbage that had accumulated on City property at the foot of Robert Street. At a time when most of us were discouraged about the ability of a post-amalgamation civic government to respond positively to the City's many problems, her assistance left us encouraged that the situation might not be so hopeless after all. Her work with Olivia Chow over the past seven years revealed another of her strengths. Not only does she have good contacts with all the community associations in this riding, but she has a good grasp of all the important social justice and environmental issues. And she already knows how to solve them. If elected next Fall, she won't be wasting time learning how the City bureaucracy works. But the most important reason that I'm asking you to support Helen Kennedy is that more than anyone, she knows how important it is to develop an effective team. With more than 100,000 residents, our downtown riding stretching from Dupont to the Lake, is incredibly large and almost ungovernable by a single councillor. Helen knows how to put a team in place that will best serve the diverse interests in the downtown area."
- Tim Grant, Robert St.

"Helen has the experience, integrity, knowledge and understanding of our community needs and requirements. A vote for Helen is a vote for our community."
- Neil Wright, Broker of Record of Wright Real Estate Ltd.

"Helen has been great in supporting our neighbourhood issues. We need her!"
- Anneke Kersout, Willcocks St.

"Helen Kennedy has never failed our neighbourhood when we needed help: residents and small businesses too. She knows us like the back of her hand and we need her experience, intelligence, courtesy and unremitting hard work"
- Sue Potts, Harbord Village resident for 35 years

"Helen Kennedy is fabulous. She has a commitment to her neighbourhood. She has the experience. She knows the issues. She'll hit the ground running."
- Carlyle Jansen, Harbord Village Business Owner

"Helen ROCKS!"
- Cheryl Voisine, Bathurst St.

Helen really cares about Earth and Environment - for this reason and many more she deserves our support!"
- Rev. Ralph Carl Wushke, Minister, Bathurst United Church

"Huron-Sussex Residents Organization wants Helen Kennedy's experience in City Hall. She's always worked hard for us."
- David Powell, president of Huron-Sussex Residents' Organization, Sussex Ave.


"You want a dream candidate? I know one. Helen Kennedy is someone from City Hall who actually gets things done, brings people together and cuts through the red tape. I've seen her in action. We had a big problem in Kensington Market and she fixed it. No delays, no passing the buck, nothing. It just got done, and my street - and the streets around it - are a better place to live as a result. I support her wholeheartedly in her candidacy for City Councillor - we need to keep her on our side at City Hall!"
- David Gilmour, award-winning writer, Denison Ave.

"As a queer couple of colour we support Helen because she will bring a strong queer female voice to council and also represent other marginalized voices including people of colour. Helen has a proven track record of getting things done. She is not afraid to say things that others are not saying and that people may not want to hear. Helen knows city hall and knows how to challenge the system - to make it accessible - while engaging the diverse communities of this ward."
- Rachna Contractor & Karene Brown, Community Activists, Queen St. West

"Helen represents everything this city stands for - vibrant neighbourhoods, grassroots involvement, care for both the environment and the disadvantaged, and inclusiveness. We NEED her on City Council to make Trinity-Spadina and Toronto a great place to live."
- Joanna Manning, Outreach Co-Coordinator of St. Stephen's Church, former Co-Chair of BSPRA, resident of Denison Sq.

"From the beginning of our critical campaign to promote awareness of St Stephen-in-the-Fields Anglican Church in Kensington, with its programs and heritage, Helen Kennedy has played a useful and informed role. She has offered advice, made contacts, participated in discussions and interviews to help us with rentals and other matters. She intervened in a key way regarding preservation of the pre-confederation building under the improved Ontario Heritage Act. She has worked efficiently and diligently on our behalf and been in regular contact with the Friends of St. Stephen's community support group."
- Martha Cunningham, Chair of Friends of St. Stephen's Church

"Helen Kennedy has been energetic and diligent on neighbourhood and heritage issues that I care about. When we needed her, she showed up."
- Paul Durfee Oberst, architect and heritage consultant, Bellevue Ave.

"Helen and Olivia were instrumental in helping to maintain the momentum of Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market. Her ongoing support is greatly appreciated."
- Yvonne Bambrick, Pedestrian Sundays

The Grange

"Helen knows the workings of City Hall which can only be derived by her many years of experience in our large ward. In addition she knows the residents and their issues. Helen has the knowledge, drive and concern to resolve these issues that have an impact on our daily lives. Her door has always been open."
- Pat McKendry, long-time NDP member, Hydro Block

"Helen Kennedy knows how to get things done, one e-mail, and the garbage gets picked up, one phone call and a street light is fixed. Helen has done a great job in keeping my neighbourhood liveable."
- George Triani, former head of the Baldwin Village Association, resident of Henry St. for 26 years

"Helen Kennedy is an amazing role model and a leader who shows that every one of us can stand proud and go for it!"
- Mara Pereira of LGBTOUT at University of Toronto, Murray St.

"Helen Kennedy most definitely has our support - she's really terrific; organized and so very competent. Helen has pulled through many times for us in our neighbourhood… chairing contentious meetings (brilliantly!), bringing opposing groups together, and pretty well always being there for us to take a stand on our behalf. I've said for a long time, to her face, that we were waiting for her to run! Now it's here!"
- Helen Hatton and Ron Morris, Phoebe St.

"Helen Kennedy represents truly the kind of person who you would want to represent you in politics. She has shown our neighbourhood the consideration and time and knowledge to help deal with problems that have plagued us. This effort and time has often been at the expense of her personal time. Helen cares about the residents and shows it time and again with her hard work and interaction directly with individual residents. Again we could not hope for a finer person to represent us in the city."
- Gord Hatanaka, Phoebe St.

"We support Helen because of her work on our neighbourhood Transformation AGO Working Committee, and Grange Park Working Committee. She is very efficient at running a meeting - takes everybody's opinion but doesn't let the meeting stall - keeps the meeting moving. We are very impressed with her organizational abilities."
- Judy and Ralph Daley, Soho Sq.

"Helen has always been a visible presence in our neighbourhood. She has been at every meeting I've been at. She is a strong and approachable person - this gives me confidence in her as my representative in City Hall."
- Kathy Mills, Sullivan St.

"It's not about race, gender or sexual orientation. The fact is Helen Kennedy is not only aware but involved as well as committed to positive change on the issues affecting ward 20 and that's what makes her the best candidate."
- Gail Fraser, Henry St.

"It is so encouraging to see so many of my transgendered community members involved in this campaign!! As a trans person in Ward 20 it is very meaningful to have trans and queer issues recognized and supported at a municipal level. Thank you Helen!!!"
- Syrus Ware, Sullivan St.

"Helen has worked hard under the tutorage of Olivia Chow for many years and earned the respect from the residents and business community. Helen has big shoes to fill but I cannot think of a more qualified person to represent Ward 20 and The Toronto Entertainment District."
- Fred Luk, President, Filet of Sole Restaurant Group

"I've never met a more committed 'future' councillor than Helen. She has worked on so many of our Entertainment Club neighbourhood challenges with new bylaws, standards, and enforcements that I don't know when she ever gets any sleep. Her dedication is appreciated by our community. I look forward to her future success as our new Councillor of Ward 20."
- Liz Sauter, active community organizer and spokesperson for Entertainment District, Richmond St. West

"Much of Ward 20 is going through rapid change. As residents we need a strong, informed and accessible councillor to ensure that our voice is heard at city hall. In my work as Chair of the King Spadina Residents Association, I have found Helen Kennedy to be both informed and accessible. As our councillor, I'm confident that she will develop a strong voice on our behalf, and I look forward to working with her in this capacity."
- Wayne Scott, Action Strategies, Richmond St. West

"I've had the pleasure of working with Helen for several years now via our community association, and throughout this time Helen has been instrumental in addressing every single concern that our association has raised. Whether the issue was the rejuvenation of the local park or the reigning in of the nightclubs in the area, Helen never failed to patiently listen to the concerns of local residents and to respond promptly and effectively. Helen has attended every single one of our community association meetings, even in January blizzards, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the residents in our community have had a strong voice at City Hall. Through her hard work and dedication Helen has made our community a better place in which to live."
- Jeff Ibsen, Adelaide Place

"From my student internship experience at former Councillor Olivia Chow's office, I got to know Helen as a constituency assistant. She was amazing at her job, particularly because she really knows how to resolve constituency concerns within a timely manner. As soon as a problem reaches her desk, she can immediately figure out who to call and what type of action should take place in order to resolve issues. With her expertise and her passion in serving for citizens in Ward 20, I will definitely vote for Helen Kennedy as the NDP candidate, and of course the Councillor for ward 20!"
- Liliana DaSilva, Front St. West

"When I first met Helen she quizzed me on the history and politics of U of T and the ward. I knew nothing. Since then I have learned a lot from Helen and the team. She has a passion for this ward and genuinely cares about its future. As a student of U of T and as a resident of Trinity-Spadina, I believe in Helen."
- Linsey Barreto, Peter St.

"Helen Kennedy is an experienced, consensus-driven, solution-oriented, community advocate. She knows how to listen and how to act accordingly, not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. Helen brings together people from all walks of life in an effort to achieve common goals. That's how you contribute to the blossoming of a city."
- Frédéric Geisweiller, Wellington St. business and property owner

"We need Helen at City Hall, as our councillor in Ward 20. In our experience, Helen gets things done. Helen was instrumental in championing the revitalization of St. Andrew's Park (Adelaide and Brant Streets)... a great meeting place for residents and workers in the neighbourhood."
- Ivan Codrington and Doug Taylor, Camden St.

"Helen is a fantastic person and I support her because of her ability, honesty and humanity."
- Brian Willcox, Camden St.


"As a waterfront resident, I have seen Helen in action on a number of occasions during the last few years, both at meetings and when she was contacted directly on specific issues. I've always been very impressed by her energy and how hard she has worked on the many issues affecting our area. Helen knows the ward, the issues and City Hall very well and, I believe, she is the best choice for City Councillor Ward 20."
- Marcia Boyd, long-time NDP member and party worker, Queens Quay West

"I've always found Helen Kennedy to be helpful, and eager to solve problems when we ask for help. She's well informed on every issue and explains situations at city hall in ways we the people can understand. Helen Kennedy gives public service a good name."
- Max Moore, Queens Quay West

"Helen's the one for Ward 20. It's a huge ward with many diverse issues. No one else landing in that council seat will have the background involvement, intimate knowledge of the constituents and players, and the energy and commitment to be everywhere at the same time all the time as Olivia and Helen are used to doing. The fact that this life is one Helen has chosen above all else speaks volumes about her ability to carry it all off. I can't think of anyone else who can do what she can and could do for this ward."
- John McClusky, Stadium Rd.

"I'm absolutely willing to support Helen! Helen will make a great Councillor. She's developed strong relationships with residents in the Ward over many years, she understands how City Hall works, she has experience on a wide range of issues and is extremely dedicated and hardworking! I wish her all the best!!"
- Diane Chester, Queens Quay West

"Helen is the go-to get-it-done gal. Throughout this campaign she's attended meetings and helped us to find solutions to parking issues and the Island Airport/Porter Airlines debacle. Helen not only knows her way around City Hall, but has the contacts and political savy to find the source of solutions. She's earned the respect of those at City Hall. She's the one to vote for."
- Ruth Milikin, Little Norway Crescent